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Green Arcade

Green Arcade


Ten years ago, TonTon Club started with one goal: to get adults playing again. We imagined it all: tumbling Jengas, racing on the MarioKart, the flashing lights of the Catch the Light and flying Air Hockey pucks, combined with good food, good drinks and good music.

Looking back we dare to say: we succeeded.

But for how long? Climate-wise, the world is not doing great, to say the least. That’s why TonTon Club has a new mission for the next decade: to ensure that people can keep on playing forever by working towards the Green Arcade.

It starts with our menu, which increasingly features vegetarian and vegan dishes. Our terrace, which is full of greenery. And through a huge range of new and oldskool board games.

In the future we hope to continue working towards a fully circular arcade. The Greenest Arcade of them all.

Keep an eye on our socials for updates.

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